Dream Bells

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Dream Apparel, based in Fayetteville, Tennessee, USA, specializes in leather goods for the biker scene. Leather jackets, boots, cowls and more, but also very cool biker bells. Many of the bells with DREAM inscription have rebellious and/or patriotic motifs, as known and loved from the southern states. The motorcycle bells from Dream Apparel are easily recognizable by their somewhat darker coloring, which is reminiscent of burnished firearms and exudes a touch of nostalgia. In addition, the Bells are somewhat larger and bulkier than known from other brands, but still very fine and detailed elaborated. If you are a fan of unusual motifs, bikers to the core and have a rebellious streak, you will surely love the Biker Bells from Dream Apparel!

1 to 24 (from a total of 30)
Each biker-bell will be shipped with pouch and explanation card.
Biker-Bell as a gift

If you are looking for a gift for a biker, then you are always well advised with a Biker-Bell, because what is a nicer gift than happiness and goodwill? In the end, every biker can choose and buy his own Biker-Bell, but it is said that the happiness of a Biker-Bell is doubled when it is given as a gift. At Biker-Bells.com you will find a large selection of high quality, unusual and absolutely individual motorcycle bells and each of these small works of art comes together with a gift bag and an explanation card.