Accessories for Biker-Bells

How to attach a Biker-Bell to your motorcycle

Now that you've seen a bunch of Biker-Bells in our shop, you might be wondering how to mount them on your motorcycle. There is not just only one correct way but it is a tradition to mount them as low as possible on the motorcycle, for example on the crash bar or near the kickstand. For this you can use a sturdy leather strap, a cord, a steel cable or a cable tie. A slightly more elegant variant are the specially designed Bell Hanger. With these parts you can be sure that your Biker-Bell really hangs at the lowest point. Since a Bell Hanger is attached to a bolt behind the nut, this is also one of the safest methods to ensure that you do not lose your Biker-Bell while riding. No matter where the Biker-Bell should be attached to the motorcycle and for which variant of attachment you decide, in our shop you will certainly find the right accessories.

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