The legend of the Biker-Bell

"Once upon a time, in a land far away. The legend speaks of the beginning of the 20th century somewhere in the USA. In the middle of the night, an old, gray-bearded biker was riding his chopper on a country road. The weather was good, it was not too cold and the full moon brightly illuminated the road. Except for a slight wind, it was a perfect night for a ride on his bike. In a good mood, the old biker hummed a happy tune to himself as he steered his motorcycle along the winding road, on his way to his Old Lady. But suddenly the handlebars began to vibrate and wobble. The experienced biker went of course immediately from the gas and braked, but the motorbike had already come into the skid that he had a hard time to steer it into the high grass at the roadside.

Lying on the ground and full of adrenaline, the old biker felt his body, got up and scooped sand and leaves off his leather vest and jeans. Fortunately, nothing bad had happened to him except for a hole in his jeans and a few abrasions. While the gray-bearded biker wiped the sweat from his forehead, he noticed that the wind had already got cooler noticeably. It was about time he got to his Old Lady. He looked at his bike lying there in the grass in front of him. At first glance, there was no great damage to be seen. Relieved, he leaned forward to get his motorcycle upright again, when a shadow flitted across his bike. Startled, the biker pulled back his hand and startled looked around. Had he landed in a rat's nest? No, that couldn't be, because what he had seen was too big for a rat. Besides, the movement didn't fit. There! There was the shadow again! The old biker quickly took two steps back and almost tripped over his own feet. What the hell was that thing? He quickly pulled his jackknife out of his pocket, stomped his boot on the ground and tried to chase the creature away with loud noises. But this little beast stopped and stared him straight in the eye. Now that it was partially illuminated by the moonlight, the old biker could see something and he didn't like what he saw at all. Big bat-winged ears, small hands with thin claw-like fingers, big red eyes and a spiteful grin with small sharp teeth. It was a gremlin! Those evil little gremlins that enjoy sabotaging cars, machines, airplanes, motorcycles and other mechanical devices. "Get off my bike!" the gray-bearded biker yelled in anger into the strong wind! That's when he noticed more pairs of red eyes in the bushes. He was surrounded by gremlins! Shit! What was he supposed to do now? Just run away and leave them his loved motorcycle? But then the sound of a bell rang out in the distance, the storm warning of the village close by. Astonished the old biker watched as the evil gremlins cringed painfully with each clang, until they panicked and made off.

When the old biker finally reached home to his Old Lady, he told her what had happened. Then his Old Lady had a fantastic idea! She gave him a small bell that he should attach to his motorcycle. This lucky bell should keep the gremlins away from the bike. And so it was. Since that day the old biker never had problems with his bike again and he never saw gremlins no more. That was the birth of the Biker-Bell."


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The origins of the Biker-Bells

Where the Biker-Bells actually come from is not conclusively clear. But there are two very plausible explanations of how this tradition came up.

When the first motorcycles became affordable for the masses, it was an absolute highlight. Not only the rich people could get from one place to the other quickly with their nice cars, but now the little Michel from next door could do the same with his moped. Of course, at that time there were no alarm systems and you had to take good care of your bike, otherwise it had involuntarily changed hands overnight. So many bikers hung a small bell on their moped that should ring as soon as the motorbike got moved. This could not stop thieves but at least deter them. So the thefts decreased and the little bells became first a trend and then a tradition.

Another explanation of how the little bells came to be attached to the motorcycle is related to accidents with wild animals. It is said that the bright ringing of a small bell is unpleasant for the sensitive ears of wild animals. These can perceive the noise from afar and thus also the approaching motorcycle. Especially at night or in fog, this is of course a great advantage that can prevent accidents. This makes the little Biker-Bells and it’s ringing an indispensable good luck charm for motorcyclists who drive a lot over country roads.

Whether the Biker-Bells now protect because they are full of luck or whether there is a rational explanation for this does not matter in the end, because the fact is that a gift that comes from the heart and is presented with goodwill is always a beautiful gift that fills the recipient with joy. This makes every Biker-Bell a valuable gift for a motorcyclist.

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